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Day 38/100

Original acrylic on handmade Khadi paper painting 20cm x 20cm.

Part of my 100 Day Project 2021 collection


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This original painting is part of my 100 Day Project 2021 where I challenged myself to create a painting a day for 100 days starting on January 31st 2021.

For me it represents consistency and focus as well as space for open creation and experimentation. One of the things I’ve learnt is that that space does not have to be huge. Most of these paintings were created in a small space with different layers added in between working on other things or looking after my children.

My idea was to express the invisible, sticking mostly to completely abstract paintings (although there are a few tangents into abstract landscapes). Some paintings reflect how I was feeling that day, others were born out of taking a break from everyday pressures and just letting the painting emerge. For more details on each you can see my instagram feed here.

Each painting is 20cm x 20cm painted in acrylics on handmade Khadi paper (size 30cm x 30cm).

They are sold as is, without a window mount or frame. If you would like either of these please send me a message and we can arrange it.


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Dimensions 455 × 320 × 5 cm

200mm x 200mm (300mm x 300mm with border)