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86 Coffees

86 Coffees is my take on the experience of lockdown with two small children outside of my own home. It was born out of my appreciation of the fleeting moment to myself while I sipped my morning cup of coffee, mostly while keeping an eye on my 8 month or 3 year old.

The collection is comprised of 86 colograph prints with added mix media (in particular embroidery, coffee grains, book pages and oil pastel) corresponding to the 86 days of lockdown before I was able to get back to my home and my new studio.

The project attempts to capture the repetitive nature of each day as well as the differences. Both in creating the work and in living the lockdown, I went through ups and downs. Moments of despondence and moments of hope, influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic sources.

In the end the work speaks to a sense of finding hope or joy within a feeling of powerlessness, a will to carry on regardless and the knowledge and acceptance that things are in constant flux.