pb logomedium title

Finding Hope on the Horizon

This project is about hope, created during time when things are more challenging than normal, where the old rules don’t apply and we have to create new ones. I have no problem understanding intellectually that we have the same reasons to hope (and activate ourselves towards change) as before, yet I often feel overwhelmed and get stuck in a kind of monochrome circle that its not easy to get out of.

In art therapy, we talk about the paper being able to sustain the feelings of the client, thereby making it easier for them to explore them without falling victim to them (huge paraphrasing of some pretty important research on my parts sorry). With this project, I wondered if it would help me to sustain something I understand clearly in one intelligence by representing it in another. Obviously a great deal more (proper) research would need to be done, but I do feel like in finding a way of expressing hope through painting, I have somehow made it more present for myself.