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Wide Wild Sea

This on-going collection is a celebration of the sea. I say on-going because I doubt I will ever be finished using the sea as a source of inspiration. I’m fascinated by the range of colours reflected by the sea, how in seconds it can change from colour palate to an entirely different one. I’m lucky to be relatively close to the shores of the Mediterranean with its range of turquoise and aqua marines.

I remember when I was little thinking how wonderful it would be to live by the sea (Like my Grandma Betty did). For many years, the sea continued to influence me but I could only really see it on holidays or maybe a long weekend trip from Madrid. Eventually I managed to move to Barcelona and although I (sadly) can’t see it from my studio, I know that within 20 minutes I could be staring into it’s vastness.

Some of my paintings here are based on photos shared by my salty brother Toby Carr, whose blog about kayaking the Shipping Forecast you can find here.