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March 2022

Safe Spaces: SEA


A continuation of the first Safe Spaces Collection, this one considers the sea as a safe place for some. Inspired by my late brother’s love of the sea and photos of it taken from a kayak, these paintings capture the playful nature of the sea, while also alluding to its wild, uncontrollable nature. 

Into the Blue

200 x 200mm Acrylic on cradled board €85 / £75

Alone with the Sea

200 x 200mm Acrylic on Cradled board €85 / £75

Through the Water to Clarity

300 x 300mm Acrylic on Cradled board €135 / £115

Calm Inside

300 x 300mm Acrylic on Cradled €135 / £115

Tide, Wind and Me

350 x 350mm Acrylic on Cradled board €150 / £130

A Shark (named by Max)

250 x 250mm Acrylic on 15mm Cradled board €85 / £75


1000 x 1000mm Acrylic on Canvas €750 / £640

North sea

350 x 350 mm Acrylic on Cradled Board €150 / £130

Shapes from Under

300 x 300mm Acrylic on Cradled board €135 / £115

If you like one of these paintings, ask me to send you more information and photos, I’ll be happy to help!

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