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Expressive Arts Therapy

My mum became mentally ill when I was 11 and it was being involved in drama that helped me get through it. By the time my dad died 22 years later, I was developing a strong photography portfolio. When my first brother, Marcus died in 2017, eleven weeks after I had given birth to my son, I had discovered Expressive Arts Therapy and was half way through my training. Painting became my tonic to the Spain’s strict lockdown rules in the 2020 pandemic. In 2022, when my second brother, Toby, died, I wrote the book he hoped he would finish. 

I believe the arts and creativity have a unique role to play in how we deal with the challenges life throws at us. I help my clients through trauma, loss and other obstacles to discover lives full of opportunity and hope. 


After many years in international communication and strategy roles, I trained as a coach as a way of staying in one place for long enough to have a family. Over the last seven years, what began as a strategic life decision for myself, has become a way of helping others to take control of their direction and achieve their aspirations. I do most of my coaching through my company Step Up Create but am also part of the coaching team at ESADE Business School. 


For me, the difference between coaching in therapy, is the former’s emphasis on getting things done, on moving an idea forward or making a difference. You can find out more about my coaching here.